Danish Butter Cookies, The Best Family Cookies

One of the legendary snacks is Danish Butter Cookies or some of us call it biscuit monde. This is one of the biscuits made without using yeast. Monde biscuits were produced by PT Mayora Group.

Danish Butter Cookies or monde biscuits are very well known as biscuits especially when Eid arrives. With its crispy and soft texture, this biscuit is so special. No one can doubt the delicious and delicious taste of the biscuits. It’s so delicious with every bite.

biskuit monde

Danish Butter Cookies have 5 (five) different biscuit models. Consisting of Swedish style biscuits, currant cookies, vanilla ring, Norwegian style and finnish style. There are 2 models of biscuits that are not topped, namely vanilla ring and Norwegian style. While finnish style and also Swedish style are given a topping in the form of a sprinkling of sugar and fruit as well as raisins.

The author himself prefers the Norwegian style model and also the vanilla ring and also Currant Cookies. Because the texture is soft and also crunchy. It is very suitable to be paired when you are drinking coffee. Currant Cookies taste special because they are topped with raisins.

Miniatur Danish Butter Cookies

Today PT Mayora Group has presented a miniature biscuit model. The mini shape is very fitting when eaten. Also called fake cookies because it’s super mini size but in the same shape as before.

Although the name is miniature danish butter cookies, but this is not a miniature like a miniature home, motorcycles and other inanimate objects. This miniature can be eaten because it is just the name of the real miniature is crispy and savory biscuits a la Danish Biscuits.

But the thing to remember is that miniature danish butter cookies are only sold in some stores. Its existence is not like monde biscuits in general, which are found at this market, super market and even in the neighboring stalls.

That was a glimpse of a review of danish butter cookies or monde biscuits. Hopefully we can provide the best information for you.